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Tariq Nazir Jarral (Luton, UK)

Late Mirza Walayat Hussain

A tribute to Mirza Walayat Hussain Jarral who passed away in 2010 in Luton, Inna Lilalahi Wa Inna Alehi Rajioon

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Facebook and wikipedia
2011 AJK Assembly Elections 'Featured Article'

The Jarral presence on the internet and its founders. The future plans for the Jarral presence and utilization. Facebook coming here soon.

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An internet TV Station for Jarrals. We are testing the system and it would be live soon. We will be transmiting here very soon. Keep watching ....

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PALTALK for Jarrals

A live chat room for Jarrals to chat to others worldwide for FREE. Its VOICE, TEXT and CAMERA.

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With the AJK Assembly elections due in May 2011. We analyse the existing, new and prospecting parties in AJK elections. We also will look at past, present and future JARRAL candidates. Kot Jamal, Mirpur, Charhoi, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Rawalpindi/ Atak, Lahore etc....

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Aurangzeb Saifullah Jarral pak

Hamid Jarral Rajput Pak

Mujahid Jarral - Greece

Col. Shuja Jarral Gilgit

Saleem Jarral Italy

Munir Jarral UK

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Jarral Motors Luton UK

Boxer Jarral UK



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