Kot Ali Bahadar (formerly Kot Jamel) - District Bhimber

Majority of Jarrals in District Bhimber are 1947 migrants from Kangri Bajwal; an area of Jammu in Indian occupied Kashmir hence known as Kangri Bajwali Jarrals. During the 1947 migration these Jarrals settled in Kot Ali Bahadar - formerly Kot Jamel (named after a great Jarral warrior Col Ali Bahadar Jarral). Intially, they never considered living in Kot Jamal permanently and hoped their return to land of their fore-fathers as and when the disputed Kashmir issue would have been resolved. As the time went by without any significant result for the Kashmir dispute they began to adopt the option of make Kot Jamel their permanent home - after all they did migrate for an Islamic state. Some of the elders never claimed any land entitlment in pakistan in replacement of their lost land in Kangri Bajwal with hope that they would one day return to Kangri Bajwal. But as the 2nd and 3rd generation came into existenc, they became more acquainted with Kot Jamal and started to participate in all kinds of local and national activities.

Below are just a few of the famous Jarrals who settled in Distt.Bhimber:

Late Col (Rtd) Ali Bahadar Jarral

Late Major Qudrat Ullah Jarral(Fateh Pandu)

Late Lt.Raj Mohammed Khan Jarral

Late Lt.Ghulam Muhammed

Late Mirza Faiz Mohammad Jarral (Pahlwan)

Jarrals in District Bhimber have worked very hard to achieve a respectable place and recognition to this day .
Thanks to Almighty Allah Mirza Shafiq Jarral is at present a minister of the AJ &K Govt. (Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Live Stock & Fisheries)

Mirza Zafar Hussain Jarral is a very well known figure in AJ&K Politics a well known lawyer by profession.

Note: we are very please to recieve this material from Munir Jarral of Hemel Hemstead and thank him for his efforts.

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